Understand You Can Win….

The one thing that network marketers need to know is you can succeed in this business.  Understand You Can Win!

Earlier in the summer my son decided he wants to play football. So we signed him up.

We paid the fees and got him ready for his first football practice.

The day came and it was time to show everyone what he learned.  He walked out the door ready to practice and start playing football.

Two and a half hours later he walked back inside with his head hung down.  How did it go? I asked.  He said OK.

Understand You Can WinThis went on for the whole month of July.  The first week in August he came to me and said Mom, I don’t want to go to practice today.

I told him, you made a decision back in June and you will participate in practice unless you are injured or sick. Quitting is not an option.  The moment you start quitting is the moment you start giving up on things.

This occurs with a lot of network marketers also.  They see the results of others and don’t see anything happening with them, so they quit.  Understand You Can Win!

Anyway, the second weekend in August, they have a scrimmage game.  Humor me for a moment, I like to give the details of the game.  For now, call me sports-spoke person Priscilla.

The football game

So, the team is ready to play and everyone is nervous.  The coach gives them a pep talk and the referee blows the whistle. The game begins.  Fifteen minutes past, first quarter is over and neither t team scores.  Second quarter begins, 15 minutes past and still 0-0. Half time and the team is called off the field.  The coach gives them a pep talk again.  Third quarter the quarterback runs the ball, boom! Touchdown!  6-0 in favor of my son’s team!  No extra point was made.  Third quarter over.

Fourth quarter begins.  My son’s team quarter throws the ball and bam! Touchdown, again.  Everyone is off their feet cheering.  They go for extra point and scores!  The score is now 13 – 0.  Referee blows the whistle and game is over.  My son’s team won the game.

Being a proud mom, I blast this great accomplishment all over the place.

I looked at my son and said to him, see what you would have missed if we had allowed you to quit?

His response was, yea mom and blew it off.

So, I asked him, how do you feel?  Great! He said and ran off with his father to get something to eat. Understand You Can Win!

That’s how it works

That’s how it works in any networking business.  It takes work and practice and before you know, results are coming in.

Too often, we look at what others are doing and not seeing anything in our business and decided to quit.  Not knowing that a breakthrough may be around the corner.

What you don’t realize is those who are making money and generating daily leads have been doing it for a while and now everything is working in their favor because they did not quit. Understand you can win.

Yes, it will take you working your business daily but not to the extreme that would make you question yourself if you made the right decision.

As I said you my son, quitting is not option.

Continue to work until you starting seeing results.  And, just because you are seeing results doesn’t mean you should stop.

You must make an effort to get your business in the face of others as much as possible.

I will admit I struggle with this until I learned a very important technique.

Just do it and as my mentor Ray Higdon said, “Collect a decision. And, don’t be affected by negativity.”

Will everyone you meet be interested in your opportunity, No!  But, if you continue to get your business in front of as many people daily you will find more Yeses heading your way.

Be persistent and remain consistent and you will see results. Understand You Can Win….

Priscilla Fauntleroy


P.S. – If you are interested in learning more about how this business work, watch this video about Justice firing his boss. But be careful because it made me cry!
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